Services statement

Softnext is a service-oriented and market-oriented software development company specializing in maintaining and guarding Email and network communication quality and content security. Providing excellent products is essential to us, but we provide professional and kind technical services to allow clients to approve of us even more. Softnext uses all our efforts to increase your Email and network operation results.

Maintenance services

Standard services

  • Product advisory
  • Assistance or query on related systems used with our products.
  • Remote logon maintenance (executed only under client approval)
  • Provides clients with service newsletter information.
  • Automatic update of keyword base and features (SPAM SQR only); automatic core version update (applies to all products)
  • A good replacement will be provided within 3 working days for hardware maintenance (limited to clients under hardware warranty contract)

Installation and setting services

  • Product installation setting (including setting file transfer)
  • Equipment moves as the client’s IDC moves; product settings for our products.

Product education and training

  • Product operation education and training courses.
  • Simple system maintenance education and training.

Single on-site service

  • Provides technical support service that is not in the standard service range.
  • System reconstruction (such as: system needs to be reinstalled and data needs to be restored because of a system crash due to improper operations or modifying system functions on their own or other external factors)
  • Email file transfer (client provides the data)
  • Technical support outside the contract range; please first fill out the consent for services outside the contract range.
The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.