Mail Archiving Expert

The most intractable problem when a company is dealing with email management is to maintain massive quantity of emails accumulated over the years as the law permits and quickly discovery for the key email when any crucial evidence it contained is required.

Mail Archiving Expert provides not only real-time archiving to eliminate the trouble of deleting important emails by mistake but also complete email lifecycle management. Archived emails are moved automatically to different storage media according to different departments' policy of maintenance time. The flexibility of access authorization management combined with the ability of assigning results to other administrators for refined search to accurately find emails, preventing granting unneeded permission and risk exposure of mail contents to those who should not be given the authority.

This is the only transparent architecture in the industry that allows you to get everything online in just 3 minutes. It also supports the MailCopy (log) architecture for typical mail servers.

Introduction framework

Mail archiving

Flexible hierarchical management

The hierarchy of set authorized roles is extremely flexible. The combination of role management depends on the diversity of complicated organizational structures. It is easy to build a management structure in that is cross-departmental, cross-regional or hierarchical as needed in this system.

Diversified discovery mechanism

Conditional filtering is possible no matter what storage media the history emails are stored. When you need to discover one mail you want from thousands of archives, it won’t be lost in the sea of mails just because it is ancient.

Mail lifecycle management

Remote storage resource management is provided. The archive directories can be separated by year, month or day automatically, or the archiving space can be automatically relocated by the time of keeping. It also provided custom configurations based on the needs from departments for safekeeping durations.

Product features

The auditing process that fits organization unit tree.

  • An OU tree structure of groups and members is provided to go with the management account of tree structure. For mails that meet certain criteria, the corresponding supervisor is informed automatically, which constitutes a part of the active auditing process for all types of business.
  • Authorized management accounts are provided to allow users to customize their MyMail interface. Personal historical mails can be searched by mail or text in the attachment. It works with Outlook add-ons to match users’ habits. It also prevents accidental auditing personal mails to be audited when the administrator has to deal with mails on behalf of users.
  • Archived mails are allowed to be restored into PST/NSF format. It allows auditors to transfer import mails to be audited into his/her personal mail reader and solves the disaster recovery of mails when a user’s hard drive crashes.

Email mining for correlated email behaviors

  • The text search space needed by the search engine is only 10% of the size of the original mail. It is the only and best balance between storage space and search speed.
  • Multiple auditors can investigate the same case, document the auditing process, show progress and perform email mining at the same time.
  • Additional search criteria may be added to start another search according to previous search results of unusual behaviors in order to pinpoint suspicious email contents.

Legal mail auditing and archiving help you find the key piece of evidence when you need it.

  • It takes only one time to search for the email with unusual behaviors. The combination of generic trade and secrets related acts consultation and service process allows tightly bound system establishment, implementation and operation.
  • The email lifecycle management and automatic archiving of mails for 3 to 7 years meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

The unique methods of email analysis and management are proprietary and patented; Patent numbers: 【Invention I 472192, 441496, 435572 and 443526】