SPAM SQR is the new generation email filtering platform that is capable of separating spam and threat mails, featuring unusual behavior management, and allows flexibility for users to manage their own mails while keeping a tight control on possible malicious mails.

SPAM SQR features exclusive filtering technology against spam and threat mails. It has a complete pattern database, fingerprint database, malicious address database and cloud incremental update technology. It also features threat defense engine for email traffic control, social engineering detection engine and file attachment analysis engine, effectively eliminating the risk of zero-day attacks and improving the overall interception performance of a system.

It is located in front of corporate mail server for effective reduction of the risks from threat mails such as spams/ad mails, phishing mails (social engineering), fabricated mails with threat and mails with malicious attachment. In addition, add-on modules are available for the enhancement of internal mail management, such as weak password strength testing (detection of internal loopholes for prevention), mail auditing (mail auditing as part of mail delivery process) and mail archiving (complete mail backup for evidence).

Filtering process flowchart

Product Features

N-Tier multi-level filtering engine defense for more threats

  • Connection-level defense: massive mail attacks are blocked instantaneously to save bandwidth and reduce the load on mail servers.
  • With multi-language keyword filtering database , Enterprises can adjust the filtering category and self-built filtering category.
  • Behavioral feature filtering: absolute interception of black features in mailing behaviors (e.g. fake/malicious senders, robot mails, shortened URL threats and bounced mails attacking) allows automatic intelligent misjudgment adjustment for the best interception performance.

Internal management for control over internal risks

  • Outgoing mail filtering prevents spamming that will result in being listed on RBL.
  • Outgoing mail-sending rate control engine prevents wild delivery of mails due to virus infection to avoid compromise company reputation.
  • assword guessing prevention engine can reduces the risks of password theft. (It is recommended to incorporate password strength testing module for better password strength.)

Advanced mail management for more flexible self-defining policy

  • SPAM SQR is allowed to view and adjust the criteria of filerting categories for different groups and hide the details of information which belongs to sensitive or specific categories.
  • SPAM SQR can define how to deal with mails, such as review, delay, interception, notice or automatic forwarding, based on the set corporate email management principles.
  • SPAM SQR can assign and define the authority of administrator interface based on corporate responsibility assignment and to allow the inheritance and application of such an authority.

Personalized management for easier mail receiving and reading

  • It is allowed to send interception details regularly based on personal needs, making it convenient for users to receive or report incidents.
  • Users are provided with the personal management interface, MySPAM, for self-defined mail management, including automatic system reply, automatic confidential copy sent to oneself and personal black and white lists. MySPAM is accessable through URL link inside interception detail mails, QR codes or APP.

The solutions of email fingerprint capturing and spam identification, email analysis and management have been patented. The patent numbers are 【Invention I 429238, 439096, 472192, 441496, 435572 and 443526.】