Mail SQR Expert

Email is one of the primary corporate data transmission tools, but sometimes it carries lots of sensitive materials. When it comes to email management, a company first has to deal with filtering and reviewing for viruses and sensitive information as the mails are being transmitted. Also, it is necessary to prevent potential leaks of confidential information caused by negligence and to provide the statistics of warnings for unusually traffic. The following problem is how to manage the growing number of emails; i.e. to maintain massive quantity of emails accumulated over the years as the law permits and quickly search for the key emails when any crucial evidence it contained is required.

Mail SQR Expert, the email management expert, provides a complete solution for corporate email management. Its modular expandable design allows users to quickly fix problems found in the management process.

Mail processing flowchart



Product Features

Legal mail auditing and archiving help you find the key piece of evidence when you need it.

  • It takes only one time to search for the email with unusual behaviors. The combination of generic trade and secrets related acts consultation and service process allows tightly bound system establishment, implementation and operation
  • The email lifecycle management and automatic archiving of mails for 3 to 7 years meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Email mining for easy identification of correlated mailing behaviors

  • The text search space needed by the search engine is only 10% of the size of the original mail. It is the only and best balance between storage space and search speed.
  • Multiple auditors can investigate the same case, document the auditing process, show progress and perform email mining at the same time.
  • Additional search criteria may be added to start another search according to previous search results of unusual behaviors in order to pinpoint the suspicious email contents.

OU Tree-type review process for multi-level protection

  • An OU tree structure of groups and members combined with tree-type administrator account structure for greater flexibility in the applications of corporate review processes.
  • 7 methods for mail screening, 3 methods for the establishment of authorized administration accounts and 3 methods for review operations are provided for easier realization of email management policy.
  • Enhanced protection is provided for outbound mails. Company disclaimer may be added automatically to outbound mails. Mails can also be sent in many ways of security encryption provided to ensure that the mails are sent to authorized receivers.

The unique solutions for email analysis and management are proprietary and patented; Patent numbers: 【Invention I 472192, 441496, 435572 and 443526】