Social Engineering Drill

The key reason that social engineering attack is a great threat is because fraudsters utilize the vulnerability of humanity to fraud. When users do not have sufficient knowledge, fraudsters can easily avoid the security protections on both software and hardware to obtain important information such as various account numbers and passwords, personal data, financial data, or important data of unit, causing the damages and threats to enterprises. The threat of social engineering is absolutely not less than various hacker attacks. To improve users’ awareness about emails and prevent the events that affect network security causing personal information revealed, it is recommended enterprises can hold social engineering trainings to reinforce the concepts of information security, and social engineering drills can be carried out to analyze the effects and the parts that need to be reinforced.

Service benefit
  • Provide complete social engineering attack and defense trainings and drills.
  • Analyze reports and re-educate the persons who have high rates to click on the emails that have threats.
Drill structure scheme

Service feature
  • Every account will receive many social engineering emails.
  • All social engineering emails are sent with different email accounts and subjects to prevent the receivers finding the relations.
  • Once the receiver click on the email, open the attached file (hyperlink), and download the attachment, the system will record and analyze for statistics. The types of attachment include webpage, document files, and picture files.
  • The report will be analyzed, and those persons who have high rates that click on the emails will be re-educated.
The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.