Email Transposition Service

The email transposition service is to assist enterprises to index the formats of old email backup to the email archive system developed by Softnext Technologies Corporation for storage. It can rearrange the space for storage to release the burdens of enterprises. The space after transposition through data compressed and indexed can be saved about 20%.
(Note – the proportion of saving is unable to be guaranteed. The proportions are different depending on the way how the emails are saved.)

Benefit after transposition
  • Increase the reusable rate of storage space.
  • Increase searching speed to response the risk of email audit.
Transposition structure scheme

Service feature
  • Support multiple old email backup format, such as PST, EML, and so on. You are welcome to contact us for enquiring the transpositions of other formats.
  • Provide independent machine for email transposition to prevent the transposition of historical data affecting the online equipment.
  • Provide complete transposition analysis reports to prevent any loss during transposition processes.
The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.