Email Cruising Service

Email is a very important channel to transmit business messages. In recent years, email has been heavily relied to the degree that requires transmission in real time. However, the operation of email flows comprises multiple technologies and information structures, such as mail server, MTA, DNS, firewall, router, network wiring, and so on. Thus, it is not enough to ensure the smoothness of email flows with watching single equipment. However, watching multiple equipments at the same time consumes not only time but also manpower, and it is not promised to learn at the first moment that the email flows are affected when the problem occurs.

Thus, directly watching the email flows themselves is the most direct and effective way. Email cruising service is the intellectual service that assists email administrators to monitor email flows. Email cruising service can notify administrators with email or SMS when the abnormalities of email flows are detected and can periodically send statistical reports. Moreover, email cruising service is an information cloud structure; therefore, administrators can login the management interface at anytime and anywhere to see the situations of email flows.

Service feature
  • Simple settings to activate the service without extra efforts of email server.
  • Real-time detection and real-time notice (email, SMS).
  • Cloud structure can be enquired any time.
  • Information, such as detecting mails, recording processes, and transmission time, is sent out every 5 minutes.
  • When the abnormalities are detected, the relevant personnel can be notified by email or SMS.
  • There are two daily reports every day, including cruising situations, distribution statistics of abnormality, and various data.
  • The administrators can set up the following through Web interface:

    1. Peak hours and off-peak hours: different email transmission normal values can be set up per different sections.

    2. Multiple receivers for daily reports and notification of abnormality.

    3. Multiple mobile phones for notification of abnormality.

  • Administrators can see the following statistics through web interface:

    1. Line chart for cruising status in 24 hours and distribution chart of when problem occurring.

    2. Cruising average trend charts in 7 days, this month, and 3 months.

    3. Alarm records in 3 days and latest 10 cruising records.

The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.