Introducing consulting service for email policy

Improve the management values of email security and realize the responsibility of enterprise for management (prevent the risk of Personal Information Protection Law)

Consultants of introduction

We are ISO 27001 LA consultants, national experts for establishing “Email Security Guide”, Email Audit industrial application consultants, digital forensic experts, and legal consultants for code (such as Personal Information Protection Law). In consecutive 3 years, Softnext Technologies Consulting Team has attended “Governmental Information Security Activity Common Specification Reference Guide Development and Promotion Program” to assist to develop “Email Security Reference Guide”. We are involved in the introductions of the guide for many Class A and B bureaus and help many clients in industrial areas, retails, high-tech industries to establish Introduction Consulting Service of Email Policy.

Service object

The industrial clients who use Email Audit Product by Softnext Technologies Corp.

Service process

Consulting service benefinits

  • For the organizational business and the clients’ requirements, we train the system maintenance personnel with PDCA Information Security Management Cycle Concepts.
  • Assist enterprises to establish and complete the relevant internal control documents with Email Policy, which are helpful for following ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard and the relevant security control requirements of Personal Information Protection Law.
  • Implement prevention of email risk and relevant information security education and training to reinforce the consciousness of information security for employees and assist to promote information security policies.
  • Reinforce the control of confidential data and prevent the data leaked out through email.
  • Obtain the reliabilities of clients to improve the opportunities of continuously expanding business.
  • Prevent human errors that may cause damages to clients.

The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.