Incident Response Solution (IR Solution)

Depending on different purpose of attacks, APT attacks are harder to detect than other types of information security invasion. Research has shown that it takes an average of 200 days for a company to realize they were subject to APT attacks, and nearly 60% of these cases are detected by a third party. This is just a glimpse of how companies are caught off guard and at a loss when they are attacked.

Softnext launches the IR Solution to help companies identify and clean up threats:

  • Assistance is available for a full-scale inspection when a company suspects an APT attack;
  • Assistance is available to close the backdoors, block remote access of attackers, identify and evaluate possible losses when APT attacks are confirmed; and
  • Consultants are available for suggestions and service for subsequent reinforcement after a company suffers APT attacks.

Identify and clean up through the intervention of professional consultants


Specialized tools are used in conjunction with asset management or AD for a full-scale scan and ultimately quick identification of the computer(s) of interest.

Handle as it happens

Backdoors are destroyed on the infected computers to prevent further control of invaders on the computers.

Correct and improve afterwards

With the identification of when and to what extent the invasion occurred and how much information leaked, the results help system administrators to improve and enhance information security.

Benefit breakdown – DIY cleaning vs. identification and cleaning performed by professionals

Type Method and process Benefits
DIY cleaning Just have the hard drive be formatted. Having the hard drive be formatted makes the computer absolutely clean, but that does not tell you how the hacker attacked, and there is no way to prevent that from happening again. Soon enough the hacker will come back without being detected.
Identification and cleaning performed by professionals Information, such as through which path the infection occurred, what the hacker did, what data were stolen and what needs to be done to improve the defense, is all identified professionally. By knowing how to improve the defense, it makes hackers difficult to penetrate again.
IR Solution for enhanced information security

Facing advanced persistent threats (APTs), it needs long-term, continuous information security fortification, as targeted computers may well be invaded again even after they are thoroughly cleaned.

Softnext provides a long-term information security solution that, once you subscribe it, you will receive defense suggestions, information of patterns and vaccines while the contract is valid, thus making the wall much higher for anyone who tries to invade.

The above services and rates are only applicable to Taiwan. Services elsewhere will be valued separately on a project basis.